Nose Augmentation with Conchal Cartilage

Conchal cartilage is harvested through the back of the ear, leaving no visible scar nor will it change the shape of the ear. Conchal cartilage is an autologous tissue hence there will be no risk of rejection.

Patients who have previously had nasal augmentation with implants may choose to remove the implant and replace it with ear cartilage.

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Nose Augmentation with Silicone Implant

This surgery is relatively simple; it can achieve high nose profile and maintain its shape. It is suitable for customers who like a higher projection of nasal bridge as well as a more defined contour.

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Nose Tip Reshaping

Some of us may be born with a bulbous nose tip, and it maybe less attractive to some, hence, this surgery helps to remove the excess soft tissue and cartilage, making the nose tip appear sharper and slimmer.

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Alar Base Reduction

Surgery can be performed to reduce the size and bulkiness of the nostril.

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Autogenous Tissue to Nose Bridge

This surgery helps to subtly enhance the appearance of the nasal bridge, the tissue is harvested from the back of the ears.

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Removal of Foreign Body

Inserting foreign body (silicone implant, nose threads, or any injected material that is not compatible with the body) into the nose often comes with risks of infection or rejection of the foreign material by the body. This can be recognized by persistent redness, swelling or hardness that may worsen, pustules and other changes of skin colour. This procedure can range in complexity depending on the foreign body injected and also the layer that it was injected in. It is also suitable for those who are unhappy with their previous rhinoplasty result, upon removal of the foreign body; patient has the option to immediately reconstruct their nose using autogenous conchal cartilage.

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